Tuesday, February 16, 2016

All together respectably dressed

The reason for my absence the past half year has been, as many of you know, that I've been writing a book.Well, it is  finally done.

I have to immediatly dissappoint you: it is not (yet) for sale and I won't be putting the pdf online. The current book has been printed on a mere 20 volumes: 6 for the jury of my PhD defence, 2 for the university library, 1 for the Bruges Municipal Archives, 2 for my colleagues, and the rest for a very small selection of family and friends.

The good news is that I will do everything I can to get it published over the next year, so hopefully in 2017 it will be available to you as well.

In the mean time I have this sneak preview for you. I'm so happy that it is done and satisfied with how it looks that I just need to share it!

So, if all goes to plan, I'll be Dr. Isis in a few weeks (I'll have to get used to that)!

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