Saturday, March 14, 2015

Clothing Rubens’ Antwerp

The reason for my – not at all planned – absence on the blog is that I've been writing an article on late sixteenth and early seventeenth century dress in Antwerp entitled 'Clothing Rubens' Antwerp – Everyday urban dress in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century'. This period is more or less a new field to me, so it acquired lots of reading and research into the costume of the time (I can tell you, women's dress in this period is so – SO – complicated!). The article is based mainly on the dress mentioned in probate inventories. Probate inventories – lists with the possessions belonging to a person or household – were drawn up by a notary shortly after the decease, as part of the inheritance settlement. They contain extensive information regarding such details of dress as the type of fabric or furs used, the colour, the decoration and finish, whether the listed garments were old or new, male or female or even if they belonged to children. It should be published early 2016, in a volume on dress in the paintings of Peter Paul Rubens and his contemporaries (the proceedings of this conference).

I can't quite promise I'll be back to regular posting for quite some time, since writing my PhD (about which I would like to – and should – tell you some more) and blogging turn out to be a difficult combination. I can hardly find the time to do any embroidery or sewing, let alone write about it.

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