Monday, February 09, 2015

The mi-parti dress # 2

Progress on this project is slow, much slower than I'd like it to be. I first wrote about this - as of yet, unexistent dress - last November. And there is progress, only, I'm not responsible for it. Maria, on the other hand, worked hard to finish the final weave that will make up half of the dress.
I received it mid-December, but with lots of other things on my mind (moving to another country, writing my PhD and some articles that need to be finished urgently), it is only now that I found some time to show you how gorgeous it really looks. Well, all I can say is that the photos don't do justice to it.

The blue velvet that I already showed you before, will be the other half of the dress. Before I can actually go ahead and order it, I first have to save up some money. Oh, this dress is going to cost me a small fortune.

The little red square will be the first step of the whole project: the cote that will go underneath. The good thing is that the fabric is already in my fabric cupboard. The bad news is that it has been there for a few years already.
I could do this the easy way and simply copy the pattern of my grey dress, but I want to try a new (for me, anyway) style of neckline and sleeve construction. That means I have to make a new pattern for the upper part of the dress at least.
I'd like to go for a shape like the lady in the pink dress with tippets: a really wide neck-opening with a slight square shape.

Wedding ceremonies, Valerius Maximus, Fais et dis mémorables des romains (c. 1376), Paris, Bnf, MS fr. 9749, fol. 76v. (Photo taken from A. van Buren (2011) Illuminating Fashion, Dress in the Art of Medieval France and the Netherlands, 1325-1515)

But, the room that will be my sewing room at this time double functions as storage room for unpacked moving boxes and as a carpentry workshop. Not an ideal combination I tell you.

On my wish list for this outfit is a beautiful cherry coloured cloth. A hood, me thinks. What do you say?


The Sempster said...

I'm still having fabric envy :-)
The square neckline will be utterly lovely! Can't wait to see the progress on this (though I can be patient, no point trying to squeeze in working on such gorgeous fabrics next to carpentry being done...)
Did I spot a hainsworth sticker on the beautiful dark red? A small hood would be very nice.

Isis said...

Yes it is! I'm not decided on the style of the hood. I have some rabbit fur lying around though... First I should practice my fur skills on the lamb fur project :)

Andrea said...

Lovely colours!
I too think a smaller hood would be nice. Is it the darker red that you intent to make into a hood? It looks really pretty.

Isis said...

yes, the dark red will be used for the hood, the bright red for the underdress. actually i'm thinking of making a hood with a dagged edge. there is some evidence for those being worn by women that is itching to be used and written about :)

Frith said...

I just found your blog via Annie Cholewa, and am utterly smitten. I will pour over your pages, living vicariously. Thank you for fabulous photographs. Somewhere inside me is a living history player, waiting to get out.

Isis said...

Welcome Frith! I'm happy you found my blog!
To me, living history has been a very rewarding (but also demanding) hobby over the past almost 15 years. I can only reccommend it :)

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