Monday, January 19, 2015

Pretty things in the letter box

I just arrived back home from London, where Mr. B. and I visited lots of wonderful places an museums, and met up with our wonderful friend Christine Carnie of The Sempster. When we opened our front door on Saturday night, this is what I found on the hallway floor (so no, not really in the letter box, but you get the picture): a roll of gorgeous custom made gold thread gimp, and a few strands of silk from Sartor. I still have to try either of them, and my fingers are especially impatient to try the silk. It is very thin, so for embroidery it will be best to group a few threads together, but it would be excellent for very fine weaving and for making pompons.

You'll definitely be hearing more about both later on, but not next week! For next week I have a surprise up my sleeve...

1 comment :

Linda said...

Lovely colours. :)

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