Monday, January 12, 2015

Mr. B's hat # 1

This post was actually planned for last week, but with the holidays and moving and such it sort of slipped out of my mind.
Even though there wasn't much time for sewing or other handwork the past weeks, I managed to squeeze in this little project: a hat for the Mr.

You might remember one of my lasts posts from last year, about a new cote in progress. I had some leftovers of the beautiful bi-colour twill fabric that were perfect for a small item like this. The pattern is taken from Herjolfsnes no. D10610.

The easiest way to cut a circle that has the right size, is to take a sheet of paper and fold in half 4 times around the center point. Then measure the radius from the center point and cut off the excess paper (just like this, but don't bother about the cake ;-)

I used a lining in a contrasting colour (dark blue) to I had to cut two of each pattern piece.

Here it is assembled, seen from the inside. I'll finish it with some red wool tablet or tabby weaving. The first try failed miserably, so hopefully I'll be able to show you the successful results of the second try in a little while.

P.S.: It's very well possible that the original hat was worn as presented in the book (see one of the above photo's), without the folded edge, but there is plenty of pictorial evidence for folded edges and this style also looked better on the bearded creature I share my life with.

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