Monday, December 22, 2014

The red and blue purse # 2

Remember the red and blue purse project I blogged about about a month ago? I had hoped to show you some more progress today, but because I also made quite a bit of Christmas presents during the past weeks, there was not much time left for other handwork.

I did make a little progress though. I sewed the panels for the lining together using a simple whip stitch. The fabric is cut from a few leftover pieces from my scrap box. It's a medium to coarse quality of linen.

Below you can see a picture from the inside.

I also cut out the velvet for the outside of the purse. I already started assembling the parts but the light was too poor to take pictures yesterday evening, so you will have to hold your breath for a little while longer!

1 comment :

ParisMaddy said...

It will be lovely. Your work is impeccable. Merry Christmas.

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