Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Through the viewfinder: The Heiligentaler Altarpiece

In this series, named after TtV photography,  I want to share with you a work of art, be it a painting, sculpture, manuscript or drawing from my vast collection of museum visit images.

On our way back home from The Battle of Visby, 2011, we made a stop in the German town of Lüneburg. In the church of St. Nicolai we found this altarpiece (called the Heiligentaler altar) with scenes from the life or Saint Lawrence, dated c. 1445, and presumably painted by local painter Hans Bornemann. Originally, the altarpiece was made for the St. Andreas church in the same town. At an unknown (to me anyway) point in history, this church was demolished and the altarpiece was taken apart and moved to a new home. In St. Nicolai the panels were rearranged in such a way that they'd fit their new home, but with the result that part of the panels are no longer visible to the audience, and no longer in their original order.
The four panels in this photograph show St. Lawrence at a variety of activities (from left to right), from baptising poor Roman sods such as Lucillus (1), healing a blind man (2), and showing emperor Decius that the poor were not a nuisance but the true treasure of the church (3) to being beaten with lead clubs (4).

Here are some lovely details for you to enjoy:

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Beautiful photos... nice to visit this blog..
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