Monday, November 10, 2014

Outfit planning

The summer gone over and autumn has definitely arrived. The busy season is over. There is less work in the garden (even though that's where I spent the better part of this afternoon). There is more time to spend indoors, working on new projects.

In the past few months I've collected fabric swatches for new outfits for me and the Mr. As you can tell from the image these outfits will be quite a lot fancier than what I usually wear.
In the upper half of the photo you can see the fabrics for my outfit. The blue brocade with lions and the burgundy velvet will become a purse. The brick stitch embroidery will get some tassels in blue silk to match and will be sewn into a purse as well. The little pink/red square is a fine twill weave that I will use for making a dress together with the brass buttons (it is a bit less pink in real). The yellow fabric is for hose, although I might change my mind about that still. The two samples of pink striped fabric were try-outs handwoven by my friend Maria. The final fabric will be in a paler pink (here you can see Maria's post on the weaving of the new piece). This fabric will become a mi-parti over dress with tippets. The other half of the dress will be in blue, hopefully velvet if I can find the right shade.

I'll talk about the Mr.'s outfit another time, but the cherry red wool you can see in the bottom half of the picture will be the fabric for my hood.

And here's a close up of Maria's amazing work. The pink and white are wool, and the woad blue is silk. The weave is based on several finds from 14th century London. For as long as I've known about these finds, I've wanted to have some of this fabric myself and I can't believe that in a few weeks or months this will finally be true!

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