Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New banner & logo

For those who follow the Medieval Silkwork Facebook Page it's not brand new news anymore, but this blog now has a brand new banner and logo!

They are the first step in the master plan I have devised for the future of Medieval Silkwork. As you have probably noticed, I haven't been updating this blog nearly as often as I would have liked, over the past, say, two or three years. This is largely due to my work as a PhD researcher, which doesn't leave me enough time to make a whole lot of embroidery and other things and talk to you about it.

During the following weeks you'll probably notice a few other changes to the lay-out and hopefully also one or two posts before the end of the year!

And lastly, but of major importance, I want to thank ALL of you for being the best and most loyal readers any blogger could ever wish for! Thank you for coming back here to look at old posts, for still using all the content of this blog to make your own Birgitta caps, frilled veils and embroidery projects! Thank you for being patient with me.


Anonymous said...

That looks so great! Love the black-grey-white of the banner!

Best of luck with your thesis research/writing! I've been thinking of going that way myself, so I know it's a tough road - but worth it.

Isis said...

thanks! i'm glad you like it :) doing a PhD is a tough road indeed. doing research is the best part of it (well, and teaching), but expect that there will be a lot of stress and pressure and self doubt (if you wind up not having any of those problems that that's only good news of course!). i've met myself a lot over the past years, but i learned some good lessons to take home too ;)
i don't want to make this sound too negative though :) i also met a lot of interesting people, made new friends, and saw a lot of the world traveling for conferences and workshops.
all i want to say really is don't have a romantic idea about it, because there is nothing romantic about academia :)

Unknown said...

Love the new look! And I look forward to your future blog posts!

Isis said...

thank you Miariam!

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