Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fingerloop laces for a 15th century doublet

Work but also other things (like tending to my vegetable garden) have been preventing me not only from posting to this blog more regularly, but also from doing medieval textile crafts. I've been doing some other living history related things, such as painting a shield with my man's coat of arms, medieval cooking etc., but not textiles. That is, this weekend I finally got the time to make some laces for the man's fifteenth century doublet. The old laces urgently needed replacement, since half of them were lost or broken.
I made 11 laces for the hose and the closure of the wrists,. I used blue and red linen thread, and waxed the finished laces to make them slightly more sturdy. All that still needs to be done now is to make a long lace for the front closure.
And than repeat all steps for his other doublet. Yay!


Eowyn said...

I'm just curious; how long is each individual lace?

Isis said...

sorry for the late response! the length you need depends on the type of lacing pattern you use, and of course on the length of garment that needs lacing. the lace for the front closure for instance is longer than that for the arms, and the ones for the arms are longer than those needed to tie up the hose. the front lace is just over 100cms, the arms about 50cms, and the laces for the hose about 40cms long.

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