Friday, April 12, 2013

Two things off the list

I finally got two projects done that have been haunting me for quite some time :-)
The first one is a woollen dress I started making nearly two years ago. The other one was putting the skirt-part on my 'bra'-shirt.

Find more info on this project here.

More on this project here (the theory) and here (the practice).

I'm not sure yet what the next project will be. At this moment I'm helping my man with a new dress aka caparison for his horse, a matching banner and tabbard for his herald. After that we'll see!


Anonymous said...

be grateful you are making a new caparison, and not repairing an old one - the old ones are stinky!

the dress looks lovely

Pappersdraken said...

Interesting! You are so clever with your hands!
I wonder where the sculpture comes from? Do you know?

Isis said...

you can find the info on the sculpture here:

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