Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Casting pearls before rabbits

Already two weeks ago, Mr. B. and I visited my mother in Rome. In between visiting the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fauntain, the Vatican and strolling through the ghetto and along the river Tiber, on Sunday we went to a (flea)market in Trastevere. All kinds of people, including Roma, Pakistani and Asians, were trying to sell all kinds of things. Roman women apparently are extremely fond of fur coats, so in trying to meet the demand for fur, vintage furs were on offer everywhere. I found a nice rabbit jacket for half the price I would normaly pay in Belgium. And an even more spectacular find are the tiny pearls in the bottom picture. I've been trying to find this type of pearls for years now. Most suppliers only have oval shaped small pearls, but in Medieval embroidery you only see the round variety. So, yay, finally I have them. I bought all four strands they had. Now they will probably sit in my cupboard for four years before I finally find the time for using them.

I haven't been posting lately for various reasons, one being that I've spent all of my weekends trying to finish a dress that I hope to blog about in a few weeks!

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