Thursday, April 05, 2012

More from Visby: frilled veils

Wile I was sorting through our old posts on the blog, I found a post I started about my lecture on frilled headwear I did in Visby, Sweden, back in August. I then totally forgot about it, and never got round to actually posting it. Here are just a few pictures of the lecture in the Kapittelhusgarden, a medieval restaurant/tavern in Visby, situated in one of the oldest buildings of the town. I also included some screenshots of the slides of the powerpoint.
The presentation's scope was frilled headwear in North-Western Europe, with some small exursions to Northern Italy.

The setting of the scene in the Kapittelhusgarden.

I talked about the terminology that was used to name frilled veils during the late Middle Ages in different European languages. I am currently writing an article specifically on this subject, so I won't be giving away too much about the subject yet!

Besides the subject of terminology and general background of the fashion of frilled veils, a large part of the lecture was dedicated to the construction of frilled veils and reconstructing them. I tried to include as much images of original frilled veil finds, and also brought reconstruction samples for the audience to study.

The lecture was a lot of fun to do! I want to thank everybody who attended and hope to meet all of you again!


Unknown said...

Not knowing a thing about frilled veils (I don't costume), I must comment - it looks like both your hands were movig simultaneously in the photo! LOL. You're a 'hand talker' like me? I suspect myself of Italian blood, tho I know there isn't any, unless someone has been awfully sneaky.

Isis said...

i had to laugh myself when i saw this picture of me :) i never realized i was a 'hand talker' before :-) in my case it definatly doesn't have to do anything with italian blood though.

Unknown said...


One day blogger will fix things so that people will *know* when reacties have been replied to. Or we'll all move to WP and have those annoying follow-up Follow e-mails.

Jealous of your hair, btw. Tho I'm proud of my 'fawn'. :-)

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