Thursday, November 03, 2011

A book of old embroidery, 1921

It was a such a surprise to find this book on-line. I borrowed it from the library a couple of years ago, and it's great to have a pfd copy! Click on the link to browse and/or download it for free:

This book is a collection of embroidered pieces, some of them from the Victoria and Albert Museum. It focuses on different countries and different historical periods. What I like about this book is that it contains some images that I haven't seen elsewhere. When it comes to Medieval embroidery, some pieces keep popping up over and over again, so it's really nice to see something “fresh”.

My favorite is this German 14th century whitework wall hanging. Apparently, back in 1921 it was part of the V&A collection... I wonder whether it's still there, because I'd love to see it . (I wrote a tutorial about this type of border here). Click on the image to enlarge:

note: kbsalazar pointed out in the comments section that you can find this piece in the V&A on-line database here. Thanks for sharing!

 image taken from the Victoria & Albert database

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