Sunday, September 25, 2011

Building a wardrobe: a mood board

One of the things Isis and I are working on now is making warm winter cloths. Isis just finished a pair of lovely needlebound mittens and is now sewing a woolen overdress. I'm making a liripipe and a linen chemise, and I also need a really warm dress to wear over my brown one.

But, I must confess I don't really like making clothes: it's so difficult to get the shape and size right.... I'd much rather do some embroidery:-) So, when I cut the fabric for my liripipe, I indulged in a little procrastination by making a dress mood board :-)

brown fabric: my current dress (from a shop in Rijswijk, NL)
dark purple fabric: my liripipe (from a merchant in Visby)
hair pins: from merchants in Nijmegen and Visby
pouch hanger: from Handelsgillet, see more extant pieces in Kunera database
silk, gold and linen thread: thrifted
wooden spool: Bikkel en Been
pouch: embroidery pattern by Wymarc
wool and linen samples: from Naturtuche


Isis said...

oooh! how pretty :) i love the colours you picked, and especially how your embroidered purse binds the whole palette together!
can't wait to see more :) said...

Well, thinking about Blogging your way, I think you have found your niche!

Machteld said...

Thanks Mary :-)

Efje said...

Hey, ended up here via a Danish friend, however, am also Dutch....een stoffenwinkel in Rijswijk?! Dat is goed nieuws...want ik zoek al heel lang een mooi lapje bruin of groen voor een 100% wollen jurk! :) Heb je een adres of naam voor me? :)

Machteld said...

Hoi Efje, dat was alweer een tijd geleden, bijna 10 jaar... Ikl heb het destijd gekocht bij een stoffenzaak in winkelcentrum de Kersenboogerd.

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