Friday, August 26, 2011

Smocked apron finished

Finally, I've finished my smocked apron:-). I've already worn it during the Medieval Week in Visby, but I haven't got pictures of me wearing it. Sometimes, this type of events goes by in a whirlwind... (But then sometimes other people do have the pictures you need! Isis inserted some here)

Here are some final technical details and "do's and don'ts":

  • The embroidered part of the apron measures 55 * 5 cm. I used about 180 cm of fabric and made pleats of 0.5 cm deep. I found it quite difficult to make small pleats over such a length of fabric. It took me about 6 hours to make the pleats, and I used diaper pins to secure the pleats as I went along. I took them out again when I started the embroidery:

  • In previous posts, I wrote about using pencil. I've learned the hard way that you should always test whether pencil lines come out in the wash. The pencil I used this time didn't. I had to use some quite aggressive soap, but you can still see lines and dots when you take a closer look at the embroidery... aargghh
  • I used this embroidery chart:

Image via Christina

  • I started with a line of honeycomb stitches, and this looks a little wobbly. I couldn't quite manage to make a straight line. Next time (?), I think I will follow this chart and start with a horizontal row of stem stitches. This may help set the pleats, which probably makes it easier to do the honeycomb stitches next.

And this is what my apron looks like:

For more links to tutorials and background info, see my previous posts here.


Anonymous said...

I think all embroiderers have horror stories about pencil or other markings that refuse to wash out.

Well done, though, the smocking looks lovely.

Unknown said...

ooooo...that's just lovely! Love to see a photo of you wearing it eventually :-)

Fanny said...

Absolutely gorgeous. You know, in Visby I saw this little girl (2-3yrs old?) wearing a smocked apron similar to yours, and I immediately thought of your blog! I have to try doing something like it some day... Do you know when the earliest example is from?

Unknown said...

That is beautiful! I was contemplating making an apron soon, maybe I'll try smocking.

Machteld said...

Thanks :-)

Fanny, you may have seen my daughter, she's two years old and she wore a bright red dress in Visby

Arachne said...

Now that looks absolutely fabulous! And I saw your daughter too in Visby and thought how great it was that she had such beautiful apron as well!

Mary Corbet said...

So Pretty! a beautiful apron!!

The pencil will probably work its way out over time, my guess.

I really love the white-on-white smocking! Gorgeous!

Gina-B said...

Absolutely beautiful work again Machteld, thank you for sharing (and Isis for adding the pictures!)

Machteld said...

Thanks :-)

idashantverk said...

So, so beautiful! I took a picture in the Battle of Wisby camp of you and your little daughter in matching smocked aprons, I´ll make sure you get it!

/ Ida

Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful!

Unknown said...

Your smocking is beautiful!

Machteld said...

Thansk :-)

Maaike said...

Wauw, dit is echt prachtig en zo bijzonder! Geweldig.

liefs van Maaike

Marian said...

Yes, we all learn about marking our fabrics the hard way. However,I still prefer pencil over the marking pens on the market. I love your apron! It is beautiful!

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