Monday, August 01, 2011

Northern German frilled veil Part IV

Dillemma! An evening of total emotional unrest, stress and lots of cursing. I made the veil part of this new frilled headdress four centimeters too long for it to sit right. How I could have made a gross miscalculation like this is a total mystery to me, but somehow I managed.

Now how to solve this?
1. The lazy option: make a horizontal seam in the neck and cut away the access fabric
2. The die-hard option: take apart the whole veil, cut a new veil in the right size, and put the frills back on.

Option one doesn't feel really comfortable, option two ... well option two would take me right back to where I was in May. I could not possibly finish the veil in time for Visby then. It's too much hours of work. Too many teeny tiny stitches and sowing frills in place.

I'm not even sure if I could mentally handle option two. This veil has become almost a curse over the past few months. I want so badly to just get it finished.



Machteld said...

Oh wat super vervelend!!! Misschien even niets aan doen, zo meenemen naar visby en met Maria overleggen?

Machteld said...

het is trouwems wel heel erg mooi!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you fold and sew discreetly a horisontal seam (but not cut away anything) so you can wear the veil at Visby, and then unpick it and re-do the veil properly afterwards? Something to do on those long winter evenings?

I'm quite envious of you going to Visby. I haven't been at the Medieval Week since 2004. I hope you'll have a really good time!

Isis said...

the problem is i'm not making the veil for me, but for a friend who lives in sweden.
otherwhise of course your solution ossamenta would be great!
however, Maria has decided she wants me to do option one :) so, that's how it's gonna be!

studiostitches said...

I've added your blog to my interesting places to hang out list.
Love the detail in your work.

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