Sunday, May 22, 2011

A 14th century fragment with embroidered unicorns

My husband found me a copy of Kroos, R. (1970), Niedersachsische Bildstickereien des Mittelaters, Berlin: Deutscher Verlag fur Kunstwissenschaft . Lucky me :-) I wrote a review about this wonderful book here. If you're interested in German whitework embroidery, it's a mustread. It can be quite expensive, (he paid 140 euros, on the German E-bay site), but it's a heavy book, packed with information (2,5 kilo,a catalogue of 218 pages and an additional 427 pages of black and white images, in one volume).

When I browsed through its pages, I was reminded of this embroidery. According to Kroos (1970), it's not known what it was used for. I think it would make a lovely design for a tablecloth :-)

The images below are from Bildindex, the links are below the images (I couldn't link directly). The first is also in Kroos, the others are not.

catalogue mi07917f02a

catalogue mi07917f05a

catalogue mi07917f04

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