Monday, September 06, 2010

Progress, part IV

It's been a while since I last posted about this project! I am now a little over half way with the embroidery (I made some more progress since these photos were taken).
I want to finish it this winter, because I want to start a new embroidery project next season wich will involve naturally dyed filament silk, hopefully, when I get round to dyeing this winter. I have been wanting to work with naturally dyed silk for long, but couldn't find filament silk in naturel dyes readily available, only spun silk it seems. But after seeing this wonderfull purse by Miriam of Diu Minnezit, I decided to dye my own.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a while, and just now I find your embroidered pouch lovely! I was intrigued by what you wrote on dying silk with natural compounds. I've been searching for literature on dying fabrics like silk, linen and cotton for some time, with little or no luck. Can you perhaps point me in the right direction?

Isis said...

hi liv!
thanks for reading our blog.
i am not an expert on dying. my two favorit theoretical books on dying history are: "Ein Buch von alten Farben" by Emile Ploss and "The Colorful past" by Judith H. Hofenk de Graaff.
on amazon you can find lots of practical quides to natural dying.
I own this one, among others: it's good when you are starting out and new to dying.

Tig said...

Hi Liv, there's plenty of info out there but it comes down to whether you're trying to emulate the dyeing techniques, including the plants, of the country you're most interested in. Different plants for different countries.

Racaire, what material are you using for the pouch? It looks like what I call Aida cloth, of which I have some but mine looks quite coarse and open. Is there a size gauge you'd recommend for this sort of work?

Isis said...

hi :)
the ground fabric is actually a linnen curtain from ikea, believe it or not :) i bought it there years back with a different purpose in mind, but when starting doing embroidery it turned out to be perfect for the job. it's a rather fine fabric, compared to most modern embroidery linens, and is a bit similar to cheese cloth.
i'm not sure why you were asking recaire this :) it's not her who is making this pouch!

Anonymous said...

It's looking very rich and gorgeous. Hope you'll blog about your experiments with dyeing!

Machteld said...

wow, beautiful! I bought some strands of undyed silk some years ago, so I would love to join your exeriment :-)

BTW: i love the pinkish red in the new lay-out :-)

Liv Elin said...

Thanks so much, I'll be checking those out! :)

suzie said...

Hi, first i want to say i love your blog and all the information and postings. May i ask you which shades you used for this purse? I love that colors so much! And do you know where to buy that ground linen? (in netherlands) thanks in advance! Suzanne

Machteld said...

Hi Suzie,
Isis bought the silk thread from Devere Yarns:

I use the 1200 dernier, and I think she does too. It's definitely worh buying their shades card. As for the linen, I don't know where she got it. In the Netherlands, I sometimes find this linen in specialist yarn stores ("handwerkzaak"). You can also find wonderful linen here, but their shipping costs are quite expensive:

Machteld said...

Suzie, I just read she bought the linen from IKea :-)

Isis said...

suzanne, i will look up the shade numbers when i'm back home from vacation!
the linnen got from ikea years ago, i don't think they still have it now. as i bought a huge amount i still have plenty for the coming years, so i never really had to look for an alternative. i know the linnen embroidery fabric you can get in specialist shops is often coarser than what i am using.

suzie said...

Wow thanks for the quick replies! I knew she uses an Ikea curtain but wanted to know alternatives because i indeed read it was years ago she bought it... The shade card is out of stock now unfortunately... Would be great Isis if you can check the numbers. Enjoy your holiday!

suzie said...

Thanks also for the linen-sugestions! Ill check in a yarn shop and also that website. I now made a test on a piece that i had left but its too uneven and fine i think.. At least good practise :-)

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