Saturday, September 11, 2010

New spools

When we were in Nijmegen at the end of August, I bought five little boxwood thread reels from Bikkel & Been. Monica, who made them, told me they were based on a London find, that was originally in bone. They are perfect for fine embroidery silks, because boxwood has a very smooth surface, that won't damage your silk.
Have a look at Monica's website, they make lovely things. For now they only have a Dutch site, but when I last spoke to her she told me they are in the process of building a new site that will also have English pages.


Unknown said...

They look beautiful. I thought about getting something to put my silk on just the other day. Now I know what to wish for, for Christmas. ;)


Unknown said...

It's really fun to follow your blog. Where do the spools on the purse come from?


Isis said...

they are from bikkel en been,

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