Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New pattern

This very small embroidered pouch was found in the Eglise Saint-Vincent in Soignies, Belgium. It dates back to the 13th or 14th century (alas I couldn't find a more precise date). It is embroidered in silk on a woollen tabby weave canvas. The colours now appear to be dark red, white/yellow and orange/brown. The drawstrings in finger loop braiding are made using a green silk. In the tassels red and green silk have been combined. The tassels are embellished with red silk turk’s head knots. The opening of the pouch has been decorated with loop braids.

You can find a pattern redaction and information sheet here.


Anonymous said...

Finally! Update! :D

Isis said...

yes yes yes :) we did three posts since nijmegen already!
and i have more to come this week :)

Louise said...

Looks very interesting Isis - I´m not sure I have ever seen that purse before - might you have a bigger picture of the originale than the two on your pattern sheat?

Isis said...

louise, you will find a slightly larger version of the photos at the kikirpa website. go to kikirpa.be, then click on 'online fototheek' and then on 'databank raadplegen'. you will see a search form on you screen now. then enter 'Z001903' in the box after 'Clichénummer' and click on the 'zoek' button at the bottom of the page :)

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