Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An exhibition dedicated to the memory of Olaf Goubitz

The Archeological Museum in Haarlem, The Netherlands, hosts an exhibition dedicated to the memory of Olaf Goubitz. He was a Dutch archeologist who specialized in medieval leatherwork, such as shoes and purses. The exhibition is small and shows a number of original shoes, pouches and scabbards, and some of Goubitz' replica. It is prolonged till 10th october 2010.

This bird shoe was found in Haarlem, and is dated ca 1300-1350. I love the bird and flower design, and the lace-like pattern of holes. According to the information card, this type of design was rare in the Netherlands, and it is not known whether this was a shoe for men or women. Anyway, it must have looked fabulous with bright contrasting stockings in red or yellow.. :-)


-I went to the exhibition with the Deventer Burgerscap. Bertus wrote about it here.


Sharon Kwilter said...

Wow, what an opportunity. Thanks for sharing the photo and the link to the other blog that had more pictures.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I just love it!

Chris said...

Here is a short obituary for Olaf Goubitz: http://www.aais.org.uk/olaf_goubitz.html

Roderico said...

Absolutely beautiful! Don't you consider to do a replica for use? :)
Jorge, from Portugal

Gleb Borysov, craftsman from Taurica said...

Is thare any opportunity that pictures of items shown will appear in internet?
I would love to see the purses - this is my very best interest.

Thank you.

Sarah Ketley said...

Wow love the shoe!!!

and people say that medieval crafters only did "basic" stuff... lol... that is an amazing shoe!!!


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