Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Preparing for Quackenbruck (part 1)

This weekend, the Deventer Burgerscap will join the historical festival in Quackenbruck, Germany. So, there's still time for me to work hard on some much needed last minute costume adaptations :-)

I decided to make a liripipe with an open front, in cream wool and white linen. And, to complete the summer feel, I decided to embroider the seams in yellow and aqua. I still haven't finished it, so there's more work for me to do :-)

I was inspired by Isis' post on this type of liripipes here. It's in Dutch, but the pictures and links are very interesting!

I will be demonstrating how to make a smocked apron, but I haven't got pictures of that yet (so that will be part 2)

I think some of you might go to Quackenbruck as well, so I'm really looking forward to meeting you!


Isis said...

oooooooh i have been wanting to make a smocked apron for ages :) your directions will come in handy :)

Chris said...

This looks so nice :-)
I'm really also looking forward to Quakenbrück and meeting you there!
(As always...) I'm still working on some last minute adaptions of our stuff. Yesterday we finished the market stall and now I'm setting in the sleeves of Andis jerkin...

So best wishes from one busy bee to another ;-)

Machteld said...

Isis, too bad you couldn't be there, we'll really miss you!!

Chris, thanks and good luck with the last minute preparations :-) See you there!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what process you used for finishing the edges with ribbon like that, is there a name for it? I want to look up tutorials.

Isis said...

hi antaresia, we have a tutorial for this technique on our own blog. click the link beneath to see it!

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