Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Embroidery for a friend

Lea from Deventer Burgerscap made my daughter a beautiful hand-dyed (!), hand-sewn (!) liripipe. Her head will never be cold :-) As a thank you gift, I made her this embroidery. It's going to be a purse, of course! I used different silks from my stash: Madeira silk, Au ver a soie (my personal favorite) and Devere Yarns. The pattern, 14th century German brick stitch, is taken from the wonderful collection by Wymarc.
I'm thinking about a light blue and purple braid to finish the seams. Lea, what do you think?


Gina-B said...

beautiful work! lucky friend :)

Sine Nominae said...

Beautiful. I have never seen this pattern worked up before. i love it. thank you for the inspiration.

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