Monday, March 01, 2010

Embroidered baby coif

I couldn't resist making an embroidered coif for my 8 months old daughter :-). It's a woolen coif, with a single row of interlacing stitches embroidered in linen. The embroidery is inspired by
Birgitta's cap, studied by Isis. I'm not quite sure whether children actually wore embroidered woolen coifs like this, but it was fun to make.


Jo said...

What a lucky little girl! Such a pretty cap!

Machteld said...

and a lucky mum :)


Unknown said...

May we have a photo of her wearing it?

Gina-B said...

Beautiful! I second the request for a photo of it being worn!

Machteld said...

It looks very cute when worn, but... (and I may sound like an overprotective mother...) I'd rather not post pictures of my daughter on the internet.. I hope you understand :-)

Louise said...

Such a nice little ting. Love the deatil of the stitches.

When my brother and I were looking for pictures for our groups new clothing guide we found some pictures of children wearing caps/coifs. You can see our guide here -
Go to the part about coifs and see picture number 5.

M Hastings said...

It's adorable! And lovely embroidery!

Machteld said...


And Louise, thanks for link to the picture with the child!

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