Thursday, June 04, 2009

New things to read!

Look what arrived in the post yesterday! The new MT&C v. 5! I've been waiting a bit with ordering it, because of the price ticket, but now I got one secondhand from for a bargain :) And it's still in mint condition too.
I'm looking particluarly forward to reading "French Hoods: Development of a Sixteenth-Century Court Fashion" by Melanie Schuessler and "One Quilt or Two? A Reassessment of the Guicciardini Quilts in the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Museo del Bargello" by Sarah Randles. If I only had the French Hood article at my disposal while writing my final thesis... It would have been of great help!
For the full table of contents of this volume, click here.

ALSO: thanks a billion for all your wonderfull reactions on my last post! It has now become the most commented post of this blog! I feel totally honoured and warm inside :)


Unknown said...

Drool. I have been debating and debating, and haven't yet even picked up volume I.

Racaire said...

Thanks for the hint :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh, wow. May I have the ISBN number please?

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