Monday, June 08, 2009

Fabric for pillows

Maria from Albrechts Bösser has been weaving some custom fabric for me, to use for making medieval bed pillows. Yesterday she posted some photo's of the work in progress on facebook. The weave is made from linen yarn with a blue/white checker pattern.
It is based on several late medieval iconographic sources, but the pattern is specificly taken from a 1370-1372 dated fresco from Tirol. Maria had tried to recreate the pattern of the pillow with black chekcs in the above photo, but with blue instead of black yarn.
I decided to have the fabric custom made after a very long search for the perfect type of checked fabric. It seemed impossible to find. There are lots of internet stores selling antique linnen with checked weaves, but the checks are mostly red, of red and blue combined on a white ground, or the pattern of the checks is just not right.
I am very happy with how Maria's work turned out, and am waiting with excitement for the moment I can hold the fabric in my hands and sew it into pillows :-).


Louise said...

It really looks fantastic! That would look lovley in a medieval bed :0)

Racaire said...

Cool! :)

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to those?

Isis said...

oh i still have to make them!
my ultimate deadline is visby :)

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