Thursday, April 02, 2009

Winding up

Winding up my naturally dyed silk yarns on reels is one of the things I have been doing these days besides writing. The spools are based on a 12th century find from London. It's the only reel find I know so far, I'd be happy to hear about other finds. Mikkel from the Danish blog Haandkraft made some really lovely reels loosely based on the same London find. In his post you will also find a photo of the original.

The yarns are, from foreground to background:
Redwood - Aurorasilk
Weld - dyed by Indra Ottich
Camomile - dyed by Indra Ottich
Madder - Aurorasilk
Cochineal - Aurorasilk
Madder - dyed by Indra Ottich
Redwood - dyed by Indra Ottich

I really like to use these yarns for making tassels and braids.

You can also see some late 14th - early 15th frilled veils in the background as well. Fragments of paper with parts of my catalogue are cluttering every table in the house!


Gina-B said...

These are really beautiful Isis

Michael said...

Those are phenomenally beautiful - the rich colors look perfect with the natural wood.

Do they attach to some kind of spool winder, or do you just rotate them by hand to wind on?

Isis said...

hi michael!
i did these by hand, but i think next time i will try to fix them to a drill or some similar mechanism to that i don't have to rotate the reels manually.

Louise said...

Mikkel have also made som for me that I have silks and wools on. It a pain to wind the tread on and I´m not sure that it is easy to put in on electrical...I´d be affraid to put to much strain on the treads. Silk might work but I´m not sure with the wool.

Isis said...

mikkel, considering how much yarn i still have to put on reels, i will at least try the screw-driver idea :-D
oh i see now you deleted your comment!

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