Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A typology of Netherlandish frilled veils

The catalogue for my final thesis is finished. It counts 81 pages and has 201 works of art/objects featuring frilled veils in it. In those 201 objects there are to be seen 228 frilled headdresses.

Now I'm working on revising the typology of Netherlandish frilled veils I made last year. With new pictorial evidence it is now possible to make a better division between types, and to see the chronological evolution more clearly. The typology chapter will consist of small explenatory drawings showing a prototype of each subtype of frilled headwear, accompanied with a text giving more information about when and where the type was popular, and in which ways it was worn. There will also be references to the items in the catalogue of that particular type. Included in the typology chapter will be a timeline with frilled headwear types.

Ah, I got work to do!

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