Friday, April 10, 2009

New project: Swedish frilled veil Part II

Read part I here.

In the mean time I have ordered fine linen fabric to use for the veil.

I've been doing some calculating for the frilled veil I'm making for Maria from Albrechts Bössor. I figured the frilled edge should be ca. 70 cm long and the edge of the veil itself ca. 85 cm, in order to resemble the veil on the statue. The frilled edge will consist of two layers of fabric worked in frills of each ca. 1,75 cm wide. There will be ca. 40 pleats in total.

And now I remember where I saw this type of frills earlier. It was on this Netherlandish statue from the 15th century of St.-Anna-ten-Drieën (Saint Anne, the mother of Mary). It was made by an anonymus sculpturer, and is now in a private collection.

To be continued...

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