Friday, April 03, 2009

New embroidery project

I always seem to be doing a lot more things at moments I have very little time. It's isn't any different right now. I started a new embroidery yesterday. It's going slowly, but it is a good thing to do during my small breaks away from the computerscreen in between writing sessions.

I'm using DevereYarns loose twist 1200 denier silk. It is the first time I use this type of yarn for embroidery (I have been using it in the past for fingerloop braiding and tablet weaving), and I really love it. It is so shiny and smooth and it looks so much like the silk used on original medieval purses. Machteld did a comparison between spun and filament silk some time ago. More recently Kathy from Medieval Arts & Crafts did a comparison between different types of embroidery threads that is interesting to take a look at.
I decided I will not ever use a different type of thread to do silk embroidery ever again :-).

The pattern of the embroidery will be the same as I did on this one, except I won't be adding the coat of arms. the pattern is based on a ca. 1300 purse in the Sint Servaas treasury in Maastricht. the purse originates from the Liege/Maastricht region. I have made an information sheet on this purse in a pdf file, including the pattern and a photo of the original. I will be putting it in the new 'downloads' section on the blog soon, so keep your eyes open!

In the background you can see an image of a console from Diest, Belgium. It dates back to the second half of the 14th century.


Gina-B said...

It is lovely silk isn't it? I reckon you and I ought to get commission the amount of times we mention it, haha.

Beautiful embroidery so far Isis!

Kathy Storm said...

Beautiful color choices! I am looking forward to trying the Devere bits that Gina B sent me, but right now I am working on using up my large supply of Soie d'Alger. A little project is great to get a break from a larger project, it looks beautiful!

Kathy Storm said...

P.S. I love this pattern and have been wanting to stitch it for some time.

Robin said...

I love the Devere also. Thanks for sharing.
For blackwork I find the Pearsalls is the way to go - single strand on 36ct.

- Sabrina

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