Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Frilled headwear presentation on Saturday

Here are some screenshots of my powerpoint presentation for Saturday :)

"A chest with ranssen [=frilled veils]"
Pleated and frilled headwear in the Netherlands of the Late Middle Ages

The name of a piece of female dress made of one or another fine fabric, probably a synonym of hovetcleet [=headdress], namely a bonnet or cap, that fals in folds from the face to the shoulders.

-> This is the definition that is given to the word 'ransen' in the Middle Netherlandish dictionary by Jacob Verdam.

Early examples of frilled headwear.

The places where examples of frilled headwear can be found in the Netherlands. Every dot stands for one iconographic example.
The veils themselves didn't always change much during the years. It is rather the hairdo's that change, so that a rather different image appears.


Louise said...

It really looks great - found the timeline and the drawings very infomative! I´m really looking foreward to seeing your end result for your final paper.

Elina (Neulakko) said...

I agree with Louise, I wish I could have attended the presentation!

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