Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frilled veils - Experiment 1

I am working on a new series of experiments with frills.
Here is n°1.

fabric = bleached linen
thread count = 26x21 / cm²
with of fabric = 8 cm
length of fabric = 3 x 70 cm
length of final sample = 22 cm + 4 cm fabric left over
pleats = 6 cm wide

The example is a chimney/hearth console from Bruges, in the collection of the Gruuthuse Museum. It is dated to the late 14th century.
Next to it is the first sample I did. I am not completely satisfied with the result yet. The two outer rows of frills do not stay in place as they should.

Above are some other examples of frilled veils from the Low Countries with box-pleats. The three on the top row are also in the collection of the Gruuthuse Museum in Bruges, on the bottom row the one on the left and the right are currently in the collection of the STAM museum. All date from the last quarter of the 14th century.

Above are two photo's of the progress.
More detailed descriptions of all the experiments will be in my final thesis.


Racaire said...

Cool :)
I am very looking forward to your next progress report :)

Kathy Storm said...

This looks very nice to me. I may even want to try and make one myself. Thank you for sharing!

Gina-B said...

Isis, have you seen Janet Arnold's latest book (Patterns of Fashion 4)? Although looking at items from a much later period, (1540-1660) it is showing extant ruffs and cuffs in very good detail, as well as starching and finishing that was used for the large neck ruffs.

I wonder if its the starching and stiffening, not the sewing, which will give you more of the result that you're looking for? (one even has drops of wax holding the 'loops' together!)

It seems to me that its very likely that many of the techniques used for the later ruffs probably stem from the frilled veils

Machteld said...

This is so beautiful!!!

Good luck with your thesis

btw: I love the new blog lay-out!!

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