Thursday, October 02, 2008

New project: Swedish frilled veil

Maria, Älgå, 2nd half of the 14th century
Soon I'll be starting on a new project: a custom order for a Swedish frilled veil for Maria from Albrechts Bösser.
The statue above will serve as example for the reconstrcution. The veil looks like it has a fretworked honeycomb frill consisting of only two layers. Mostly this type has at least three layers (however I'm nearly sure I've seen a two-layered version before, but I don't remember where).
First thing to do is order the right type of linnen.
In the mean time I'm translating my Ba-paper on frilled veils into English in order to get it published.


Louise said...

Hi Isis
Sounds really great with the english translation - can´t wait to read more about the subject. Were are you having it publiced?
The veil for Maria is going to be interesting to see. I´m planning og making a veil like the 15th one that you sent me pics of, from Uppsala. (it think is was)

Anonymous said...

Ohm I'm really looking forward the English translation!

Machteld said...

Wow, cool new project!!

Arachne said...

Oooh! Translated thesis...yummy! And we're counting on you to tells us when, where and how to get it when it's available!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Isis,

Has your research thesis been translated into English, yet? I would love to read it. Will it be available for purchase?

Thank you,
Cristiana de Huntington

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