Monday, August 11, 2008

A paper on frilled head- and neckwear

This is a very interesting paper on the frilled head- and neckwear from the Monasterio Real de las Huelgas, Burgos, Spain, 12-14th century. It's got very clear color pictures and detailed descriptions of the textile analyses. The paper is in English


Isis said...

oh yes, i forgot to post this :)

Kathy Storm said...

I have seen this, and it is very interesting. So many photos and useful information on how it was woven and sewn! And the colors in the stripes are so vibrant, they are beautiful. I hadn't thought of this in a while, thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

wow ty, this is finally a close up on the materials you usually get presented only from afar. Thanx for sharing

EwKa said...

Super! Thanks for this link-it's very, very interesting and show in details so many technical infos about weaving techniques! Pictures are amazing-colors are so bright!

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