Thursday, August 14, 2008

The cap of St. Birgitta: reconstructions

I have written before about the article on St. Birgitta's cap Camilla Luise Dahl and I wrote for Medieval Clothing and Textiles v. 4 (Ed. Robin Netherton & Gale R. Owen-Crocker).

It is so lovely to see people are using it to make their own versions of the coif:

Above: reconstruction done by Joanna L. from Finland. Read all about it here.
I love this reconstruction because she did all the embroidery in whitework and interlaced herringbone stitch as it was found on the original.
Viktoria Holmqvist also dit a wonderfull job on her reconstruction of the cap. She used a simpler version of the herringbone stitch on her cap. You can read her blogpost about it here.
Here you can find another reconstruction of the cap (text in Finnish), and yet another one here.


Machteld said...

They're beautiful, I love all those different stitch types in one piece! Pleatwork ahh :-)

What type of women would wear this?

Anonymous said...

Gee! I'm so flattered that you liked my version! What kind of version you did when you were writing the article?

Btw, not that it matters, but Joanna is only my persona's name in one of the reenactment groups I'm involved, and my actual name is Piia. :)

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