Friday, July 25, 2008

Embroidery frame

Some embroidery in progress... The pattern is based on the Halberstatt wall-hangings (you can look up this wall-haning on

I made a new embroidery frame yesterday to use instead of the modern round embroidery frames. The frame is based on diverse medieval iconographic sources.

I'll be off to an event in Azincourt (northern France) for the weekend in a couple of hours, so I need to log off and continue packing.

Have a nice weekend all!


Sarah Ketley said...

You remind me that i need to make a "period" frame as well. Must get on to that.

I'm so envious of going to France. I love France. Living in Australia it only happens occasionaly.

Have fun


Gina-B said...

Your frame looks great. Do you like using it? I prefer using this type to the circular frames as I find the tension stays far better

Machteld said...

Nice frame! And the embroidery is beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Feels like I should do the same, but too lazy right now. A good thing with modern frames is you doesn't have any trouble to "unframe" the embroidery when traveling. But I can imagine the tension is better in this kind of frame. Sounds like I have to do one anyway...:-)

Isis said...

so far i'm very happy with my frame! the tension is good and it very light.
my next project will be a bigger one, to make embroidered pillow and such :)

Anonymous said...

Hello girls, gorgious web !!!!

i don't have access to the picture and i have to build a frame to do some animations at the citadelle de namur in july. it has to look authentic and i can't find serious pictures of it. could you explain how you did your frame: i understand there are 4 pieces of wood: but what i don't get, is how the cloth is sewn on it ... could you help ?

from Brussels, belgium

Isis said...

it is simple really :)

you take your piece of fabric you want to embroider. you sew some sturdy fabric or ribbon around the edges of this piece. the you take strong linen thread with which you sew the fabric in the frame.

this way you get a very good and even tension.

good luck!

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