Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's finished!!!!

The pouch measures 10x10cm. The tassels are about 5 cm long, each with a turk's head knot. It is embroidered with silk on a linen ground and lined with silk fabric. The seams are finished with loopbraiding and the string is made with fingerloopbraiding. On the back (not shown in the photo's here) a coat of arms is worked into the embroidery pattern. You can see the coat of arms here.

In the mean time I have someone making a square embroidery frame, based on period artwork. I can't wait to finish my other embroidery project on it!


Racaire said...

very beautiful!

Machteld said...

Wow, it's beautiful, and the tassels are gorgeous!

How did you pull the drawstring through the purse? Did you make holes in it?

Please tell us about your next embroidery project!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty little thing-just like a jewellery! It's really beautiful.

Isis said...

thanks all!

machteld, i made the holes using a speciall tool. it's a kind of thick needle without a hole, the is very fine at one and and widens to the other end. that way you can make holes without having to cut the threads.
it is how i believe most original purses are made, i have rarely seen holes that were finished with a buttonhole stitch or something similar.

Anonymous said...

Isis, You mean that you used "a tailors awl"? You just insert the awl in the fabric and force it through drawing aside the warp and weft threads?

It's funny but I also suppose(after study of extant embroidered purses photos) that the most of drawstrings were just pulled between warp and weft treads. Sometimes the drawstrings disappear and You can see just a very, very small holes in upper part of purse:)

Leather purses have little vertical cuts and some of silk purses have stamped holes for drawstrings.

Isis said...

Yes, a tailors awl is exactly what I mean. Sometimes I just can't find the right words in English :)

Gina-B said...


There's really no other words needed.


Gabrielle said...

So on your drawstring - did you put the awl through both layers or did you run the drawstring between the outter layer and the lining?

Love you blog btw

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