Monday, November 05, 2007

Recommended reading: Renate Kroos

Kroos, R. (1970), Niedersachsische Bildstickereien des Mittelaters, Berlin: Deutscher Verlag fur Kunstwissenschaft

This book is the extended version of Renate Kroos' phd tesis on German medieval embroidery (more specifically, from Niedersachsen) from 1958.

I love it because the pictures are so incredibly detailed. Here are some "randomly" selected pictures of linen and silk embroidery from the second half of the 14th century

This is one of my favourites. The combination of different stitches and materials is fascinating. The crown of the lady saint (I don't know who) is done in gold thread, the rest of the embroidery in white liuen and coloured silks.

This picture clearly shows how the deers are embroidered. I tried to use the same technique for the dragons that are in the Feldbach tablecloth (see blog banner):

I'm still trying to find out how to make a border in interlacing stitch. This picture is the fifth example of this type of border in whitework that I know of, so it was probably quite popular:

And last but not least, I like pictures were you can see the original drawing:

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