Saturday, October 06, 2007

A new life for my silk band.

I finally finished the tablet-weaving project I started last January. It has been sitting in my living room for almost a year, totally neglected and barely touched, until I decided it was time to change this sad situation last Wednesday.

The band is about 1.50 m long and 1 cm wide. It is made using 64 threads, 16 hand cut cardboard cards and 1200 Denier DeVere Yarns silk. I tied the threads between to fixed points attached to the ends of the windowpane.

I learned that regular tension and using a beater are very important to end up with a pretty and evenly woven band. Also I didn't like the cardboard cards, since after a while the corners of the cardboard squares split and your yarn gets tangled up with the cardboard. I'm also considering buying some kind of loom before starting my next project.

With this band I'll make a pair of garters to match my medieval outfit. I still have to find some nice 14th century replica buckles to go with them.


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful:))) I wa thinking about belt for burgundian dress but I have impression that it's just to difficult and too expensive for the moment for me... Anyway I'm happy you have so nice garters:)

Isis said...

thanks cailin!

i'm planning to make a belt for myself sometime, but just a simple late 14th century one, plain, or with a very simple pattern, that I will embellish with brass studs :-)

Machteld said...

It's a beautiful band, and a width of 1 cm is very elegant!
You have some much patience!

Nice banner too :-)

Anonymous said...

Impressive work!!!
I must also start to work with silk... You inspired me:)

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Machteld said...

here is a website where you can find some very good quality replicas of pewter buckles and strapends:

maybe the 10mm garter buckle? I also noticed that martin & margje had some very nice and very small brass buckles.


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