Saturday, August 25, 2007

Progress on the purse

Still need to finish a small piece that needs to be sewn closed with the decorative stitch, and make the fingerloop braids, and then ... it's done!

Monday, August 06, 2007


This weekend, I visited the Deventer Boekenmarkt, Europe's largest open air second-hand book fair. I found some very interesting (and very cheesy!) seventies books on macrame. How to knot your own knight in shining armour using macrame, yeah :-)

Anyway, I wanted to show you this page, taken from the same book. Seventies books might be cheesy, but they are also packed with technical details that you don't find in modern books. I think this book shows a technique that might have been used to make knots to embellish 14th century purses.

Click here for a picture of the type of knots I'm talking about:

These knots were made with silk gimp or gold thread, using 4-8 paralel strands of thread and working over a core of e.g. wood.

This is a tutorial for making "de knoop voor het keesje" ( I don't know why they call it like that :-). Click on the picture to enlarge. The pencil points at step 1 and I think the pictures don't need a translation. According to the Dutch text, you have to put some kind of "core" in the knot to mould it into shape.

This really looks like the type of knots from the picture above. I think this technique works better for making knots with more than 3 parallel strands of thread than this technique, but I haven't tried it yet... My problem with the latter technique, when I try to use more than 3 threads, is that I can't keep the threads parallel and that they start to cross each other. I think this technique doesn't have that problem.

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