Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tassels: How to make Turk's Head Knots

To make one Turk's Head Knot for a small sized tassel (ca. 5-7 cm long), you will need about 50 cm of gimp thread.

The gimp in the picture is made by myself. It took me about 2 hours to create one metre of gimp. I hope to post a seperate tutorial for making gimp sometime soon.
You will need just a regular tassel.
Make a Turk's Head Knot. I always find this tutorial very easy to work with.

I just make the knot on my fingers like in the tutorial and adjust the size later when I put it on the tassel. When the knot fits tighlty around the head of the tassel cut off the ends of the gimp, and pull inside.
The finished tassel!


Anonymous said...

thank you for tassels!!! I was just wondering how to do them... Anyway I will have to learn how to make gimp as well;) But your photos are really usefull:)

Isis said...

i'm glad they were helpfull!

Machteld said...

So nice!!! Please tell me how you did the gimp thread, I would love to start making tassels like these!

Isis said...

i'll post a tutorial (sort of) tonight, when i'm back home :-) i'm researching late medieva pottery at this very moment. well, nog, actually i'm being distracted at this very moment :-D

Isis said...

haha, i make to much typos :-) but whatever, the tutorial is there for all of you to enjoy!

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