Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How to make gimp, Part I

The only things you will need are: a pair of scissors, a reel of fine 120 denier floss (available at DevereYarns, see sidebar for a link to their website), regular silk ebmroidery yarn or linnen yarn to use as core threads, preferably in the same colour* as the 120 denier floss. AND: A LOT OF PATIENCE!

*I don't know wether they used coloured or white cores in medieval times, but the advantage of using the same coolour is that it doesn't really show if you forget to cover a little piece of the core with silk and also when you tie a Turk's Head Knot with it, often a bit of the core might become visible. this effect is reduced by using a core of a similar colour.

Cut several pieces of yarn of the same length. In this example I used a length of ca. 50 cm and cut five pieces of yarn.

When you twist the yarns you will get an idea of the final thickness of your gimp, though the gimps tends to be a even a tiny bit finer because the threads will be compressed by wrapping the silk around.

Tie the (five) yarns together with the silk thread in a small knot.

Take the two ends of the linnen yarn in your two hands, and put the reel of thread between your upper legs, or find another creative way to make sure the reel can't unroll.

The yarns should form a nice T-shape. Make sure to keep the tension right.
Now you can start winding. I did the winding in my direction, but you can also wind away from your body, whatever suits you best. The advantage of this method is that you have both your hands available to control the winding, and to make sure you don't leave any spots of the core thread visible.

After about an hour of winding and winding this should be your result. My gimp is about 1 mm in diameter.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And more work in progress...

This is where I stopped last October:

This is where I took it today:

Tassels: How to make Turk's Head Knots

To make one Turk's Head Knot for a small sized tassel (ca. 5-7 cm long), you will need about 50 cm of gimp thread.

The gimp in the picture is made by myself. It took me about 2 hours to create one metre of gimp. I hope to post a seperate tutorial for making gimp sometime soon.
You will need just a regular tassel.
Make a Turk's Head Knot. I always find this tutorial very easy to work with.

I just make the knot on my fingers like in the tutorial and adjust the size later when I put it on the tassel. When the knot fits tighlty around the head of the tassel cut off the ends of the gimp, and pull inside.
The finished tassel!

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