Friday, January 19, 2007

Textile at the Cloisters, New York

Sabine posted a lot of detailed pictures of embroidery/textile objects from the Cloisters, New York:

Very interesting!


Isis said...

Thanks for sharing!

I think I might use some of the embroidery patterns for future projects! I was looking for a pattern to embroider two pillows with :-)

Machteld said...

Which patterns are you thinking about?

I was so happy to see the pictures of the Swiss 1320 purse! I've already got a picture of the front, and now I also know what the back looks like. I love those purses :-)

Isis said...

I was thinking of using some of the patterns on the late 14th century German altar frontal.
There are some very pretty patterns in it.
I especcially like this one, since it's a variation on the pattern seen on the 14th/15th century German purse in the V&A we've both did.
The patterns from the altar hanging would look pretty on purses too :-)

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