Saturday, January 27, 2007

silk gimp thread

This company seems to offer silk gimp thread:

Does anybody know their silk?


Isis said...

I have never ordered their silk, pitty the site seems to be a bit chaotic. They do seem to have more colours available then DeVere Yarns however, whih is nice :-)

Thanks so much for the addy.

Machteld said...

I'm going to order a yarn+color card, so we'll find out soon. I really hope they have silk gimp that can be used for tassels :-)

Isis said...

ah, great! i can't wait :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Machteld :-)

I'm thinking about making some tassels with turks head knots to hang from my Historical Sampler.

I can't make the gimp for the Turk's Heads myself (stupid chronic pain doesn't allow for repetitive movement).

The link in your post doesn't work, but I went to the general Pipers Silk site, and found the gimp at

Did you find it to be successful in making the knots?

Much appreciated!

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