Sunday, January 28, 2007

Frilled headwear seminar - Denmark

I just wanted to let you all know that here you can view some photo's of the seminar on frilled headwear held in the Middelaldercentret in Denmark last September.
--> These photo's have now been removed by the owner of the site.

Dom, Wetzlar (Germany), late 14th century
Here, here and here you can see some experiments done by Gina Barrett.
Here you can see a frilled veil made by Cailin. She is not a member of the Kruseler Research Group, but I like her reconstruction very much.

Here is one of my previous posts about my own research and experiments.
An official description of the Kruseler Project can be found here.


Machteld said...

Fascinating! Your frilled veil is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that you show us how to do it? This technique looks so comlicated! My method is very easy but You need a lot of time for it:)

Isis said...

dear cailin, i can't show before the book is published! i hope you understand :-)i hope that will happen soon, but i don't know when that will be though

Anonymous said...

of course, I didn't think about it:( sorry:) I'm waiting for the book then!

Anonymous said...

I found this blogg by "accident" in my search for information about "frilled headwear". I´m working on a similar project in school this term. I think we have some sort of take off from your seminare in denmark. An very intressting subject any way.

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