Sunday, January 14, 2007

13th century- mid 14th century tassels

These are the tassels I made for Joris. I used Aurora fine 2 ply spun silk, and it is so much better for making tassels than Devere 1200 dernier filament silk! I did the yellow embroidery with Devere 1200 dernier silk, though, because it's more shiny. These tassels have a linen core, just as the tassels in the previous post.


Isis said...

They look pretty!
My experience is also that for tassels spun silk works better :-)

Gina-B said...

Lovely tassels - the 'padding' is very interesting, I'm looking forward to trying that...

Have you tried deVere's tight twist filament silk for tassels? This reacts in a similar way to the spun silk as it is tightly spun (as opposed to the floss type they do). It works very well and has a real sheen.

Another thing to try if you're making tassels with a floss silk - dampen the silk slightly. A light mist of water helps to control the loose threads and makes tying the silk so much easier.

Machteld said...

Thanks for the idea of dampening the silk a bit, I will surely try that the next time I use loose twist silk.

Isis also talked about using Devere's 720 dernier silk, tight twist for making tassels.

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