Tuesday, December 12, 2006

WiP: Tongeren purse 23 (2)

I wonder whether I'm on the right track or whether I should be trying a different technique or a different type of thread. But I don't know how/ which ....

This is a picture of how I work: I use two needles, one for the gold thread and one for couching it in yellow silk. The front looks ok:

The back looks a mess:

There's so much gold thread on the back, and the gold thread I use is not very flexible (japanese gold, no 8/k4) I'm thinking of using passing thread instead. This might be more flexible


Isis said...

the result does look very pretty! i haven't got any experience with gold thread so far, so i wouldn't know which one to use best!

Machteld said...

I think I'll finish the purse using japanese thread anyway. Japanese thread and passing thread are both available in 0.5 mm only today, whereas the thread used in the original purse is 0.2 mm! This means that modern goldthread might be a bit too coarse for some types of 14th century embroidery...

Gina-B said...

Machteld, you might want to try 'turning' the gold thread on the surface of the embroidery, instead of taking it through to the back on the edges. That would avoid the gold threads at the back; its hard to explain without a drawing! I think that historically, far less gold should be at the back - as it was so expensive. (Certainly this is the case with tablet weaving).

You might want to try an English company called Benton & Johnson for thinner gold threads - they have a huge selection.

The work you've done is really beautiful!

Isis said...

Hi Gina,

The problem with this purse is, that as far as I can see, the gold thread does not turn on the surface. (I know what you mean, I've seen drawings demonstrating the technique you mean).

So another option maybe is that it turns underneath the seruface? Maybe when using thinner goldthread that is more flexible this can be easily done?

Machteld said...

The leafs are very small (2 cm) and Japanese .5 mm is a bit too coarse, Turning was not an option with such small items and/or such coarse gold thread.

I'll take a look at Benton and Johnson!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is still of any use (because of the date),but you should try and google Ulrike Mullner at Voorschoten. She gives courses in metal thread sewing and is specialised in restoring those metal thread embroidery's. She really know's almost everything about it and has sources to buy thread also!
She gave me lessons and they where really good!



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