Saturday, December 16, 2006

Small 14th century embroidered purses

I'm going to make some small embroidered purses for Nijso to sell at medieval fairs next spring/summer. This is the embroidery of the first one. It probably looks familiar: Isis and I already made this purse. I still like its pattern, especially the blue dots. There are more counted thread embroidery charts at Wymarcs page, and I think I'm going to try some of those next.


Anonymous said...

It's really beautifull:) I would like to try to do one like that...Do you use silk on linen?
Wish You luck with other patterns:)

Machteld said...

Hi Cailin, thanks!
It's silk on linen. I use silk by Au ver a soie

Anonymous said...

I was using Deveres silk yarns. But I have always problems with all this "kinds" of silk. Which one do You use? (from Au ver a soie). Have a nice day:)

Machteld said...

Do you know DMC embroidery cotton? The au ver a soie embroidery silk is the same idea, but than in silk. Take a look at this:

I have used devere 1200 dernier silk for tassels and embroidery, but I think it is a bit too "slippery".

Isis said...

Looking at medieval purses it seems as if they were made with yarn looking more like the DeVere yarns type (the loose twist) than with the floss produced by Au ver a Soie. Tassels often look as if they are made using spun silk instead of filament silk (Devere Yarns are made with silk filmament). I haven't tried DeVere silk for embroidery yet, nog did I try Au ver A soie silk. I've got some Au ver a soie silk for a future project. Untill now I used spun silk yarn (2 ply) I bougt in Switserland, I don't know what brand it is.

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