Friday, December 22, 2006

Silk yarns: an embroidery experiment

Recently I made a small experiment comparing Devere 1200 denier and Au ver a soie Soie d'Alger. My experiences are that both are very pleasant to work with for embroidery. Devere yarn is more glossy and slippery than Au ver a soie and it's also more "fragile": be careful with your nails! Au ver a soie silk is less glossy and has got more texture. You can compare the two below: left is Devere yarn 1200 dernier silk and right is Au ver a soie silk. My swiss 1320 purse (see post 27 nov 06) is made with Au ver a soie.


Isis said...

Au ver a Soie and Aurora silk are both spun silks. Aurora has also got an assortiment of filament silk though, but they don't have the loose twist type, I believe.

I will try to do another post with and try to explain the differences this weekend, or beginning of next week!

Isis said...

PS.: Where did you by the linen fabric? It looks ideal for embroidery, the linen I have used so far seems to be a bit more fluffy.

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